Cost – Refund by the Basic Health Insurance (HI)

Conditions for the coverage by the basic health insurances:

  • The alarm-system must be rented*
  • The patient must be over 5 years
  • A medical prescription is necessary

*Only a rented device is refunded in accordance with the list of means and devices (MiGeL/LiMA art. 15.20).

How do I have to proceed for the refund?

You have to pay the invoices for the rental directly to Melebi SA. Please keep carefully the medical prescription of your doctor until reception of our invoice. Then send the prescription with the bill to your health insurance to obtain the compulsory refund of the basic health insurance. Some complementary insurance plans cover also the deductible at your expense.

Rental price: CHF 3.40 / day

Following a decision by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the LAMal reimbursement rate was reduced to a single price of CHF 0.30 per day for the entire duration of the treatment from 1 April 2019.