General Information about Bedwetting

Since the age of 5, the involuntary and unconscious loss of urine during the sleep is considered as an illness designated, in medical terms, the nocturnal enuresis.

Despite this problem being much more frequent than we imagine, the subject is taboo!

More than one of 10 children aged 6 is affected by the nocturnal enuresis. The child who wets his bed suffers, as well as the whole family who gets under pressure.

Nocturnal enuresis incidence
Age% of children
5 years15-20%
6 years10-15%
10 yearsabout 6%

Source: see research

Family incidence

According to different recent studies this illness can be hereditary and boys are more often concerned than girls.

Nocturnal enuresis — family incidence (% of children)
No case in the family15%
1 parent concerned45%
2 parents concerned77%

Source: see research

It is possible to heal from this illness

It is advisable not to dramatize because your child can heal and regain self-confidence. It is possible to help a child in his efforts to stay dry at night. First it is important to encourage him and avoid making him feel guilty.

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