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Treatment of the bedwetting

Melebi SA is leader in Switzerland in the treatment of the nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) by a behavioural therapy based on the use of an acoustic alarm-system.

The purpose of Melebi SA is to teach not to wet the bed anymore in a definitive way. We helped children for more than 85 years and we are glad to continue to do it.

Melebi SA is approved in whole Switzerland as supplier of therapeutic devices within the terms of the art. 55 of KVV / OAMal.


The Pipi-Stop alarm-system

Melebi SA develops, products and rents its own wireless alarm-systems under the trademark Pipi-Stop.

Hundreds of doctors and a lot of hospitals in Switzerland prescribe daily the Pipi-Stop. The behavioural therapy with the alarm-system of Melebi SA reaches a success rate of 90%. It is more effective than the medical treatment (see comparison) and does not generate secondary effects unlike the latter. With a medical prescription the Pipi-Stop is refunded by the health insurances.

Discover Melebi SA

Humanitarian engagements

Melebi SA gives support to underprivileged children

The inventor of the Pipi-Stop

Discover the inventor of the behavioural therapy with alarm-system (pioneer in Switzerland and Europe)

Technological improvement

The technological improvement is at the heart of our approuch

The history of the company

Discover the history of Melebi SA, since the start up to now

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