For a Successful Treatment

Active Participation

The child must be motivated and participate actively to his therapy. The collaboration of the child and the parents is important!

Wake up Completely

When the alarm goes off wake up your child immediately and completely (he or she must be conscious and must absolutely remember that he woke up the next morning). Most of the children who wet their bed sleep very deeply and need the help of an adult to wake them up correctly during the first weeks of the treatment. As soon as the alarm goes off tell your child to retain his urine (cf. conditioning of the Pavlov reflex).

For your Comfort…

We recommend you to set the Pipi-Stop only once a night. If you wake up your child several times per night, he will not learn faster to become dry. After several weeks your child will wake up more easily when the alarm rings, therefore he will wet his bed less. Then the dry nights will become more and more frequent.

How to Finish the Treatment

When the child has many consecutive dry nights, we recommend you give him more to drink before bedtime in order to test the quality of his continence control. This special training reinforces the learning effect (consolidation of the reflex) and reduces the probability of a relapse. After 4 consecutive dry weeks (2 weeks with the Pipi-Stop and 2 weeks without device), the treatment can be considered to be finished, except if prescribed differently by your doctor.

Treatment Duration

The treatment duration can be very different from one child to another. Generally speaking, 6 to 12 weeks are necessary, but some children become dry more quickly, whereas others may need more time. As long as the child makes progress, it is worth to continue the therapy.

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