The Causes of Bedwetting (Enuresis)

Primary nocturnal enuresis

The child has always wetted his bed or was never dry more than six months. In these cases the enuresis is generally linked with the deep sleep.

The enuresis is called “isolated” (monosymptomatical nocturnal enuresis), when it is not associated with any other disorder. This is a symptom that shows an immaturity of the micturitional control (micturition = urination). This is the most often case which can be treated by the behavioural therapy with the alarm-system Pipi-Stop (natural training of the continence system.)

Secondary nocturnal enuresis

An important change or some stress in the life of your child, for example the birth of a baby, the separation of the arents, the beginning of school, moving away, a mourning time or any other unusual situation (psychological causes) can induce a mostly temporary regression. In these cases we speak of secondary nocturnal enuresis.
A visit to the psychologist is not necessary, unless there are associated disorders linked to the enuresis.

Other more unusual reasons do also exist, such as a small bladder or a dysfunction of the sphincters. A visit to your doctor may be necessary in order to rule out the possibility of an eventually anatomical default or of a urinary infection.

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