Is it helpful not to give something to drink to our child since the end of the afternoon?

No! Do not change anything in his eating and drinking habits.

Do we have to wake up our child before the alarm of the Pipi-Stop?

No! He must be woken up only during the urination which is automatically signalled by the alarm.

What should we do, the alarm rings but our child does not wake up by himself?

Generally, at the beginning of the treatment the child does not hear the alarm because he sleeps very deeply. But for a successful treatment, it is really necessary to wake him up rapidly and completely, then he must empty his bladder on the toilet. That is why it is very important that an adult wakes up the child, speaks with him, washes his face or does anything else (without frightening him) which allows him to be aware of this moment. He has to remember it the next morning!

Our child wets several times a night. Do we have to wake him up several times?

No! For the comfort of the whole family wake him up only at the first alarm. If you wake him up several times per night, your child will not learn faster to develop the reflex to retain his pee. Explain him that he is in a learning process and that his urinations are going to shift to the morning because he retains longer and longer.

Our child does not wet his bed every night. Does he have a chance to succeed his treatment?

Yes! We recommend you to give him more to drink in the evening so that he has the opportunity to train every night.

From what age on and until when is it possible to use the alarm-system Pipi-Stop?

It depends of the maturity of the child but preferably not before the age of 5 years. There is no upper limit.

We have two children who wet their beds. How should we proceed?

The children must be treated individually, preferably you begin with the older child. When you concentrate your energy and your attention on one child, he feels psychologically supported and the treatment gets rewarding. And for you it will be easier to manage. In addition, you have to avoid that the second child gets the habit to hear the alarm at a moment which does not fit with his own urination.
For your insurance company it is necessary to have a new rental contract for the treatment of the 2nd child.

Should we punish the child who wets his bed?

No! On the contrary, you must motivate and encourage him to participate to his treatment.

Should we continue to put diapers to our child during the treatment with the Pipi-Stop ?

For psychological reasons it is not recommended to use diapers. Through his active participation to his treatment he shows that he wants to be responsible and to become grown up. Using diapers would maintain him in the baby stage.
In addition, the diapers are very absorbent and prevent from feeling that he is wet.
It is possible to keep the diapers as long the child wets very much but, in every case, they must be removed as soon as the quantity of urine is diminishing.

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