Information for the Pharmacies

We take care of everything for the rental of the Pipi-Stop:



Customer Care




How can your customer order the Pipi-Stop?

How to proceed when a customer comes in your pharmacy with a medical prescription for the rental of the Pipi-Stop?

Simply redirect him to us!

To see the options to order the Pipi-Stop


Your customer must keep the medical prescription for the Pipi-Stop in order to subsequently claim the refund from his basic health insurance.

More Information

Discover the Pipi-Stop Therapy

Our method is based on the conditioning of the Pavlov reflex by an acoustic alarm

Advantages of the Pipi-Stop

Discover the many advantages of the Pipi-Stop for children and families

Refunded by Health Insurances

The rental of the Pipi-Stop is refunded partially by the health insurances (children over 5 years)

Prices and Rental Terms

Discover all details about the rental terms of the Pipi-Stop

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