Pipi-Stop Therapy

Behavioural Therapy

Our method is based on the conditioning of the Pavlov reflex. Thanks to an acoustic alarm that wakes up the child at the right moment, your child will learn to control his urination during the night.

This behavioural therapy represents an authentic re-education of the continence system.

Enuresis and its treatment: a bit of history!
Article of Jean-Pierre Guignard, M.D. and Honorary Professor of Paediatric nephrology, University of Lausanne

Learning Process

With the Pipi-Stop you chose a method based on a learning process. This method reaches the highest rate of success and has the least of relapses.

Deep Sleep

Most of the children who wet their bed sleep very deeply and therefore are not aware of their need to urinate.

Alarm at the Right Moment

Through an alarm which will always be activated at the right moment (at the first drops of urine) the childsubconsciously learns to develop the conditioned reflex to retain his pee.

Treatment Process

1. The Pipi-Stop alarm-system wakes up your child

  • You can easily install the Pipi-Stop yourself
  • The alarm of the Pipi-Stop is activated at the first drops of urine during the night
  • When the alarm goes off, you must wake up your child immediately and completely and tell him to retain his urine

2. Your child learns gradually

  • The process is repeated: you wake up your child once a night when the alarm goes off
  • Your child acquires gradually the reflex to retain his urine
  • Your child wakes up more and more easily and he or she becomes less and less wet

3. Your child becomes dry

  • During his sleep, your child feels that his bladder is full and wakes up himself if he has to urinate
  • After several weeks the dry nights are more and more frequent until your child is completely dry

More Information

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Technological details of the Pipi-Stop device

Customer Care

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Instructions to use the Pipi-Stop

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For a Successful Treatment

Our advice to be successful with the treatment

Questions - Answers

Answers to the most frequent questions


The diagram to follow the progresses of your child


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Refunded by the Health Insurances

The Pipi-Stop is refunded by the basic health insurances  (MiGeL/LiMA 15.20)

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