Rental of the Pipi-Stop

The Pipi-Stop is refunded

The rental of the Pipi-Stop is refunded by your health insurance for children aged 5 or more.

Price and rental terms

See here for all details about the calculation of the price and rental terms.

Steps to rent the Pipi-Stop


1. You order the Pipi-Stop (See options below)

2. You receive the device at home within 2-4 working days


3. You install easily the device at home and begin the treatment

4. You can call us at any time before and during the treatment

5. You will get an invoice with a paying-in slip

Two options to order the Pipi-Stop

The simplest and the fastest

Order by form PDF

1. Open the PDF
2. Print the PDF
3. Date and sign the PDF
4. Send the PDF: a) by post b) scanned version by e-mail c) by fax