Rental contract online

Order of the Pipi-Stop

Patient details

This number is to be found on the health insurance card of the patient.
If necessary, thank you for writing here your comments or further information concerning your order.

Legal representative's details

Delivery only available in Swizterland.
This e-mail is necessary in order to be able to confirm your order. You will not get advertisements.
During the first weeks of the treatment, we contact every family.

VIBRA as option

The VIBRA is optional and can only be used with the Pipi-Stop. It is not refunded by the basic health insurance. You may send us back the VIBRA wristband at any time, also before the end of the treatment.

Delivery date of the Pipi-Stop

Count with a delay of 2-4 working days after the dispatch date to receive the Pipi-Stop at your home.

Sending of the order

Once you have clicked on “Send”, please wait for a few seconds until you are redirected to the next step.

Procedure for the online order


1. Fill in the online Rental Contract form entirely and click on “Send”

2. You will receive an e-mail of confirmation immediately after. Open your e-mail inbox and click on the confirmation link of the order (you will pass on towards an online page of confirmation). Should you not see this e-mail, please, control your SPAM-Box

3. You receive the device at home within 2-4 working days


4. You install easily the device at home and begin the treatment

5. You can call us at any time before and during the treatment

6. You will get an invoice with a paying-in slip

Other order option

Order by form PDF

1. Open the PDF
2. Print the PDF
3. Date and sign the PDF
4. Send the PDF: a) by post b) scanned version by e-mail c) by fax