Pipi-Stop Wireless Alarm-system

Pipi-Stop Alarm-system (Basic Device)


Patch " Swiss Made "Since 1932 we have developped, manufactured and commercialized this device. We are improving the Pipi-Stop® on a regular basis with the help of new technologies


CE_Zeichen_RahmenFulfils the CE standards


medecin-cochon-bleu_577x577The rental of the Pipi-Stop is refunded partially by the basic plan of Swiss health insurances

As an Option: Vibrating Wireless VIBRA Wristband

An accessory to the Pipi-Stop (basic device) that can be used with or without the acoustic alarm (which can be switched on or off).

The wristband VIBRA comes as an additional rentan of  CHF 1.-/day. The VIBRA cannot be used without the Pipi-Stop (basic device).

icone pdfInformation about the vibrating VIBRA wristband


The Pipi-Stop includes:

Urine Detector





Power Supply

The transmitter is fixed on the urine detector (conductive sheet of polyester). Both are placed in the underwear.

At the first drops of urine a signal is sent to the receiver (which can be placed on a night table) and the alarm goes off (sound + flashlight).

The urine detector is slipped into a flannel pouch:

  • hygienic
  • easy to install

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