Increase of the Refund by the Basic Health Insurance since 2008

Our request to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP) was successful

Since the 1st of August 2008 the obligatory refunds, which the basic health insurances (HI) pay for the treatment with the Pipi-Stop® alarm-system, have been definitely increased as a result of our request of February 2006 to the BAG/OFSP

Since then, the refund raised from CHF 2.35 to 3.40 per day during the first 70 days of rental and from CHF 1.90 to 2.40 per day starting from the 71st day. Now only a small part of the treatment costs are to be paid by the families.

In reaction to the Federal Council introducing an economy measure on the 1st of January 2006 (i.e. 10% reduction on the analysis and the list of means and devices [MiGeL/LiMA] which includes the Pipi-Stop), we requested the BAG/OFSP an extended compulsory coverage by the HI. Our aim was to give all families access to the behavioural therapy with the Pipi-Stop®, which is the most efficient way to treat bedwetting and to have the less relapses.

Answer the BAG/OFSP to our request : German version / French version